Based on available funding support from corporate donors. the Jim’s Team 4 Diabetes Foundation will help fund Summer Camperships all across the USA for children living with Type 1 Diabetes. Please read the information below and follow the instructions carefully:


  • Camp Scholarships awarded pay 100% for up to one (1) week of overnight stay. NOTE: The number of Camp spaces funded by our Foundation will be based on the open spots provided by the Summer Camps.
  • Parents or legal guardian of the applicant will receive notification via e-mail once your chosen Summer Camp has given our Foundation written approval. Our Foundation will make payment for your child directly to the Camp.
  • Those applicants approved for funding by our Foundation must register with their chosen Summer Camp, meet their age and eligibility requirements, and provide all necessary documents requested by their respective camp organizers. Our Foundation does not provide this service.


  • Only requests submitted on this application form will be considered for funding.
  • Your application can be submitted in two ways – by regular postage stamp mail or electronically via e-mail.