Summer Campership Program


The Jim’s Team 4 Diabetes has teamed up with embecta, to sponsor our entire Summer
Campership program for kids with Type One Diabetes which means our Foundation will cover your child’s complete registration fees. Thanks to our Partnership with embecta, the first “20” families that complete the online application form here on our Foundation website, will receive an opportunity to have their child experience camp with no financial burden placed on his or her parents!

Our Jim’s Team is excited for the opportunity to help enhance the quality of life for those living with the daily challenges of Type 1 Diabetes where they are often unable to attend a camp – day or overnight - because the disease requires 24-hour attention
By attending camp, it may be the first time a child meets another with similar challenges.

It may also be the first time parents feel comfortable sending their son or daughter away from home mostly because these summer camps provide a medically safe environment while helping the kids develop social skills, self-respect, and lifelong friendships.

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“I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 10 when I was in 4th grade. I was very fortunate enough to be able to attend a summer camp specific for diabetic children. Mine was Camp Needlepoint in Hudson, Wisconsin. What I found was that every camper and even counselor was diabetic like myself. We were able to participate in so many great activities and enjoyable adventures that kept you active every day. After being a camper, I chose to continue my journey with the same camp and was thrilled to later be able to serve as one of their counselors. It was in this position that I realized how different diabetes can affect everyone and how we had to ensure the parents and their child, that they truly were in safe hands with the number of trained healthcare professionals and counselors that worked in the camp everyday. My goal was to make sure that these kids experienced the same fun and memorable activities as I did growing up and to help instill in them that being a diabetic was no different than anyone else and that they could do anything they chose to in their lives.” 

Joel Paul Board Member/Jim’s Team “4” Diabetes Foundation Sauk Rapids, MN
“My first son didn't even want to go to a summer camp, but at the end of that first week it was hard to get him to leave - that was five years ago. He had attended camp every summer since and has learned to take charge of his T1D thanks to the confidence and skills gained at camp. Going to a diabetes camp helps build confidence for the kids and helps them realize they are not alone with the disease. Guidance in blood glucose monitoring, meal planning and physical activity is provided in a supervised, fun, relaxed setting and teaches children the self-management skills they'll use for a lifetime.”
Pamela Heyward, Founder/Inventor Glucose SOS SOS Life Sciences Corporation Wrightsville Beach, NC