Student Scholarship


Jim’s Team 4 Diabetes Foundation offers College Scholarships for up to $1,000 for
students with Type 1 Diabetes. To be eligible, the applicant must be a senior attending high school in the USA that will graduate in 2023.

As well, current undergraduate students from around the country that are enrolled at a four-year accredited college, university, technical, or trade school from the 2022/2023 calendar year, are eligible to apply for a Scholarship award to help with expenses that can be applied towards diabetic supplies, room & board, or books.

The physical and emotional trials of being a student with T1D are well documented.
Managing such a chronic disease has inherent challenges, but having to prioritize that
within the context of a college experience can be very difficult.

Our Foundation looks forward to recognizing students that are demonstrating the ability to not only successfully manage their personal diabetes care but are achieving great results with their school studies and pursuing their career dreams.

Jim’s Team Scholarship Application
Thank you so much for choosing me as a recipient of the Jim’s Team 4 Diabetes Scholarship. I feel so excited, blessed and grateful to have been chosen to receive this generous scholarship of $500. These funds have helped me pay for my college expenses. Thank you for all the support
Carter Marbry, Atoka, TN
Thank you for honoring me with one of this year’s Jim’s Team 4 Diabetes Scholarship awards. I am so grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship and hope to make you proud! This scholarship will help me continue my degree in Biology and will ultimately allow me to share my voice for kids with Diabetes. Thank You so much!
Olivia Ohmer, Pinckney, MI


    2022 Class

    The Jim's Team 4 Diabetes Foundation is Proud to present our very first College Scholarship Class and for the year 2022. Each of the following eight senior high school students received a $500 Scholarship Award:


    Landon Almond

    New London, NC

    AJ Heimann

    Germantown, IL

    Zachary Jones

    Pierz, MN

    Rachel Houser

    Punxsutawney, PA

    Joel Sowada

    Cold Spring, MN

    Olivia Ohmer

    Pinckney, MI

    Carter Marbry

    Atoka, TN

    Jonathan Baye

    Sioux Falls, SD