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Financial Assistance Program

When it comes to purchasing diabetic equipment, supplies, and prescriptions for Diabetes Care, one of the primary goals of the Jim’s Team Foundation is to help ease the financial burden for families that incur out-of-pocket expenses whether underinsured or uninsured.

As someone newly diagnosed, I can attest first hand the strain that managing an individual’s Diabetic Care can put on a family household budget. Unfortunately, Diabetes continues to rank among the Top Three most expensive health conditions in America. Type 1 Diabetes is the only disease where patients and caregivers are making life and death insulin dosing decisions every hour of every day.

As my wife, Wendy, once exclaimed: “Diabetes is like a Roller Coaster. You’re up and down all day long.” This was after she saw how my blood sugar levels would skyrocket out of control in one hour and the very next, plummet to a dangerous low level with no explanation.

Diabetes is a journey that requires courage and perseverance. As we continue to build up our Foundation, it is our desire to help take some of the financial stress away for families where possible based on our available funding.

For those seeking support as part of our Financial Assistance Program. Please review the qualifying guidelines and follow instructions carefully on the application form.

Application Form

How We Can Benefit You

Some of the areas Jim’s Team 4 Diabetes Foundation will look to assist families or individuals includes, but is not limited, to the following:

  • Provide support for the purchase of diabetic equipment and supplies.
  • Provide support for non-covered diabetic prescriptions.
  • Provide support for Caregivers with children or seniors living with T1D and T2D.
  • Provide assistance and scholarship opportunities for T1D high school seniors (and current college students) managing Diabetes on their own away from home, some for the first time.
  • Provide T1D children with Free summer camperships.